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Vori (Greece) - The Museum of Cretan Ethnology

The Museum of Cretan Ethnology was created by the Cultoral Association of Messara in 1973. The permanent exhibition was opened in 1988 and in 1992 was awarded a special commendation by the Council of Europe in the frame of the yearly award of EMYA.

In 1992 the Museum became a Foundation of public benefit and belongs to the National legacy.

The Research Department of the museum is ingaged in various research activities throughout Crete since 1980. It functions as a coordinating unit for the study of the Cretan ecosystem (man and his evironment), covering the period between 1000 A.D. and today.

The Department is directed by a team of specialized scientists who work at he fulfilment of the scientific program of the institution. At the same time, educational programs and developmental plans are being implemented, sponsored mainly by the European Social Fund.

The exhibited objects, in the museum of Cretan Ethnology, come from all over the island. As a rule the morphology of the objects vary slightly according to the place they come from.

The exhibition is of a temporary character and very soon will expand to the rest of the building as well as in a traditional building complex close to the main building acquired by the Foundation for this purpose.


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